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Case Studies Provided By Mainstream Waterjet


  Material:  2.50” thick 4140 38-42 HRc

Specified Tolerance:  +/- .020”

Material required to mill (2) parts:  (2) plates 9.25” X 34.00” (445 lbs.)

Material required to waterjet cut (2) parts: (1) plate 13.50” X 41.50” (396 lbs.)

Mill time to machine (2) parts:   10.30 hours (5.15 hours each)

Waterjet time to machine (2) parts:  5.52 hours (2.76 hours each)

Summary: When taking into consideration costs for additional material, additional heat treating, milling cycle time, and perishable mill tooling, an overall savings of 54% is realized by waterjet cutting these parts when compared to milling.                    

  Material:  Inconel 718 casting ranging from .550” – 2.25” thick

Specified Tolerance: +/- .030”

Scope of work: Waterjet cut (72) holes and (30) O.D. scallops
leaving + .030” per side for final machining.

Mill time to machine (1) part:  16.25 hours

Waterjet time to machine (1) part:  7.80 hours

When taking into consideration costs for machining cycle time and perishable tooling, an overall savings of 46% is realized by waterjet cutting this part when compared to milling. 
Also, the valuable off fall material was reclaimed as solids when
waterjet cut instead of machined chips, yielding a higher scrap material value. This rough out operation was a
large bottle neck in our customer’s process and was prohibiting them from hitting due dates.  By waterjet cutting
the rough out operation, valuable machine time became available to our customer to do more profitable finishing work.