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Abrasive Waterjet Cutting of a Forged Turbine Engine Baffle

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Waterjet cutting this forged turbine engine baffle demonstrates Mainstream Waterjet's ability for machining complex pieces with extreme skill, enabling us to deliver added value and cost savings to our customers. The goal for this job was to use a waterjet process to remove as much material as possible from each of the piece's 78 holes and 30 perimeter scallops in order to minimize the final machining process. The piece was forged from Inconel 718, which is notoriously difficult to machine, so leaving a small machine stock envelope would significantly reduce tooling costs for the customer.

One key to the process was designing the optimal fixturing. Working from customer-supplied specifications, we devised a system that would both accurately hold this 42.070" diameter, 1.176" thick raw forging throughout the entire waterjet process and also ensure dimensional repeatability over a four year production schedule. The fixturing we designed also facilitated the value-added process of reclaiming the fall-off so we could return it to the customer - in solid form, Inconel 718 has a very high scrap value.

Once properly fixtured, our machining team was able to utilize the high-tech features of our OMAX abrasive waterjet machining center to optimize the cutting profile for each of the holes and scallops contained within the work piece. In-process inspections verified that all dimensions held to the required ±.020" tolerances, a contributing factor toward minimizing the final finishing operations. Combining that with reclaiming the Inconel provided our customer with two very effective cost saving measures.

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Inconel 718 Forged Turbine Engine Baffle

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Water Jet Cutting of Turbine Engine Baffle

WaterJet Cutting Project Highlights

Product Description: The project goal was to remove as much material as possible from 78 holes and 30 perimeter scallops before the final machining process. Inconel 718 is a Superalloy that is difficult to conventionally machine. Using the waterjet process to rough out the features leaving a small machine stock envelope greatly reducing the tooling cost for the customer.
Capabilities Applied/Processes: Fixturing
  • Part had to be fixtured in a way so dimensional repeatability was achieved over a four year production schedule.
  • The fixture had to accurately and consistently hold the raw forging throughout the entire waterjet process.
  • Inconel 718 has a high scrap metal value therefore off-fall material was reclaimed and returned to customer in the form of solids. Solids hold a much higher scrap metal value than chips. A very nice added value.
WaterJet Cutting
Equipment Used to Manufacture The Engine Baffle: OMAX Waterjet Machine
Overall The Engine Baffle Dimensions: 42.070" O.D. x 1.176" thick
Tightest Tolerances: ±.020"
Material Used: Inconel 718 Superalloy
In process testing/inspection performed: Yes
Industry for Use: Power Generation
Delivery Location: Cincinnati, OH
Evendale, OH
West Chester, OH
Standards Met: Customer Supplied Specifications
Product Name: Combustor Dome Plate

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