The Amusement Ride Industry

Here at Mainstream, we have experience manufacturing essential components for safe and sturdy amusement park rides. Amusement rides are heavily engineered and configured for the utmost safety, and manufacturing the parts to build them needs to be handled with the same care.


5-axis Waterjet machining allows Mainstream to precisely cut through high-strength alloys at high volumes. CNC machining allows for extreme precision and accuracy for complex parts of all sizes. The use of these techniques ensures that the components of the ride are built for passenger’s safety.


At Mainstream, our commitment is to be the full-service, cost-effective solution for all of your manufacturing needs. Our team of experts with a diverse background in all aspects of CNC manufacturing and waterjet technology ensures that our amusement park partners are confident in the safety and stability of their rides.

Image of a roller coaster to show our expertise working with the Amusement Ride Industry
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