The Automotive Industry

Our team at Mainstream works with partners in the automotive industry to help machine elements for electric vehicles. With the transition from gas to electric and moving from steel to aluminum, it is important to use accurate and precise techniques to machine the various parts for the vehicles, which is where our CNC and waterjet machining process comes into play.


5-axis Waterjet machining allows Mainstream to precisely cut through high-strength alloys, such as aluminum, with extreme precision. Combining our process with CNC machining allows us to produce critical car components at high volumes. These techniques ensure the production of safe, reliable, and accurate car parts.


At Mainstream, our commitment is to be the full-service, cost-effective solution for all of your vehicle manufacturing needs. Our diverse background and seasoned team of experts provide vehicle manufacturers with confidence in the parts used to create their vehicles.

Image of a car engine to show our expertise working in the automotive industry