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Abrasive Waterjet Cutting of Ground Support Tooling Components

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Clevis Tie Bar
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Waterjet Cutting of Clevis Tie Bar
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Waterjet Cutting of Ground Tooling Clevis Tie Bar

Providing a single-source solution for delivering superior quality parts at competitive prices, Mainstream Waterjet combined abrasive waterjet cutting with conventional machining techniques to manufacture this 20" x 5" x 4" clevis tie bar, a ground support tooling component used in the aerospace industry.

Because we were working with ANSI 4140, a medium-carbon alloy steel, heat treated to 38-40 Rockwell C, our Flow IFB 6 x 12 waterjet machine, with its ability to cut through hardened steel leaving no burrs or heat affected zones, was the ideal choice for economically cutting the profile of the part to finish dimensions. Then, based on the part's unique geometry, we turned to our Hurco VMX42 milling center to execute the more conventional drilling, reaming, boring and tapping operations required to create the indents and holes and bring the piece to within the exacting ±.0005" tolerances demanded by the customer specification. 

Our quality inspector utilized our precision inspection equipment to verify that these parts were ready for shipment to our aerospace customer in Ohio, where they were delivered right on time and right on budget.

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WaterJet Cutting Project Highlights

Product Description:
Aerospace ground support tooling component.
Capabilities Applied/Processes:
  • CAD / CAM
  • Water jet cut profile to finish dimensions
  • Conventional milling and drilling, reaming, boring, and tapping.
Equipment Used to Manufacture The Tooling Component: Flow IFB 6 x 12 Waterjet Machine
Omax 80160 Waterjet Machine
Hurco VMX42 Milling Center
Overall Tooling Component Dimensions: 20" x 5" x 4"
Tightest Tolerances: +/-.005"
Material Used: ANSI 4140, Alloy Steel, Medium Carbon Steel
Heat Treated to 38-40 Rockwell C scale
In process testing/inspection performed: In process and First Article Inspection performed.
Industry for Use: Aerospace
Delivery Location: Mason, Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio
Evendale, Ohio
Standards Met: Customer Supplied Specifications
Product Name: Clevis Tie Bar

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