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Abrasive Waterjet Cutting of Test Specimens for Metallurgical Testing

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Our unmatched expertise for designing and building specialty holding fixtures gives Mainstream Waterjet the unique capability to extract metallurgical testing specimens from complex pieces, particularly in situations where other others might find it impossible.

Contracted to extract 1.25" x 1.25" x 3.00" testing blanks from this Rene 88A nickel-based superalloy forged disk which is the raw material used to make  integrally bladed rotors or blisks. Our machining team designed and crafted custom fixturing that would, first, accurately and consistently allow this 38" O.D, 5" thick ring to be indexed to the desired angles, and secondly, hold it in a position so the blanks could be easily removed after they were cut. After properly fixturing this large, heavy disc, sacrificial shielding was placed on the blade section opposite from where the cut would be made to protect it from being damaged by the waterjet stream.

Our machinists, highly experienced with using our waterjet cutting equipment, generated the CAD and CAM files required to execute each cut, oriented precisely 62° to the axis. Break tabs held each specimen in place so we could ensure that the location and orientation of each sample was traceable back to the parent skeleton material. After extraction, random samples of the blanks were subject to a rigorous inspection. Then verified that they were within the tight ±.030" tolerance requirement and suitable for the metallurgical fatigue testing process.

Metallurgical, 1.00 Renae 88
Metallurgical, 1.00 Renae 88

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WaterJet Cutting Project Highlights

Product Description: We cut test specimens from a supplied forging for metallurgical testing purposes.
Capabilities Applied/Processes: Fixturing
  • Part Had to be fixtured in a way so the Blanks could be Extracted Once Cut
  • Fixture had to Accurately and Consistently Index the Ring to the Desired Angles
Waterjet Cutting
  • Cut out 35.50" I.D.
  • Metallurgical test specimens were then extracted from the 1.25" thick ring.
  • Specimens Were Oriented 62 degrees to the Axis
    • Achieved through our CAD/CAM Cut File
  • Each Specimen was Held in Place by Break Tab
  • Sacrificial Shielding Used to Protect the Side Opposite of the Cut from the Jet Stream.
Location and Orientation Maintained Traceable back to the Parent Skeleton Material
Overall Specimen Dimensions: O.D.: Ø38" Parent Ingot Thickness: 5" Specimen Dimension 1.25" x 1.25" x 3.00"
Tightest Tolerances: ±.030"
Material Used: Rene 88 A nickel-based Superalloy.
In process testing/inspection performed: Random Sample - L x W x H measurements
Industry for Use: Power Generation
Delivery Location: Cincinnati, OH, & Evendale, OH
Standards Met: Customer Supplied Specifications
Product Name: Metallurgical Test Specimens

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